December 28, 2007

Projects in the Pipeline

Otherwise known as those that I spend ages thinking about, but haven't actually started yet:
  • Recycled shopping bags with embroidered comments on them. These are to use instead of plastic carrier bags and I'll probably give the first ones away as gifts. I always feel so smug when I use the cloth bags we have at the supermarket, so it's time to spread the smugness methinks.
  • Recycled notebooks with fabric-covered end plates. Spotted these in Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book, a book I bought myself for Christmas. Trying to work out a way to make them out of the mountain of scrap paper I have at work.
  • Fixing the camera. Not that it's actually broken, but I do need to find the charger and work out a way to get the photos from the camera to the computer (lost the cable for that aeons ago). Might be time for a new card reader thingy.

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