January 09, 2008

Origami Boxes Made from Magazines

Spotted these on Craftster a couple of weeks ago and thought they looked cool. You just tear out a page from an old magazine and a few quick folds later, you've got a folded up box. Then watch something inane on the telly for 30 mins and you end up with a stack of them. Open one of them out into a box and you've got a storage box for them.

I'm sure there must be lots of uses for them - sharing out snacks on the sofa, putting nut shells in, collecting food scraps for the compost bin (you could even put the box in), to name a few but a few. If you used serviettes, could be great for parties, or even themed parties using specific magazines or newspapers.

Got me thinking about doggy bags (the unpleasant ones, not those with leftovers in) - there must be a way to fold newspaper to make an ecological poop scoop. Any ideas?

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Ribs said...

Update: we've found these really useful. Perfect for snacking on things like nuts and fruit with peel. Also good for putting thread ends and yarn ends when crocheting or sewing.