July 05, 2008

52 Days Unplugged: Day One

Boy, was it quiet. Aside from multiple "I'll just look that up online..." moments, the day passed silently and rather restfully. Didn't get any crafting done, but I did sort out the next size of VV's clothes and put away all the too-small ones (he's in 68's now, at 2 months!). I also did lots of laundry and all the ironing. I reckon after a few weeks of 52-daying, the flat will be all the better for it.

I read quite a bit too, while feeding VV, which is when I missed the TV the most. Well really the digi-box. I could see it recording programmes (too embarrassed to say which ones; real trash) at 11am and 3pm, prompting a wistful sigh from yours truly.

All in all, I proclaim the experiment a success and one I shall definitely continue with, every Friday from now on.

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