August 03, 2008

Pimping the Pushchair

We've recently acquired a Maclaren buggy/stroller/pushchair for VV, to make life a little easier when we go away. VV's head slumps to one side when he falls asleep in it, so I fashioned a head rest for him out of some of my stash fabric:

We road tested it yesterday on a day out in Stockholm and it works pretty well. I think it needs a few minor tweaks, namely interfacing to the back and extra ties. I'm now planning some frog "seatbelt buddies" to complete the treatment - hopefully in the next couple of days.

Oh yeah - spot the deliberate mistake. Small prize for the first correct commenter...

1 comment:

icoobaby1 said...

What a great idea to use head rest for your baby boy. It is really a nice invention from you .I would definitely try this for my baby's Hauck stroller, so that he will never slump his head on to one side while he falls asleep.